Two members of the Telekom Srbija Group, MTEL Austria and GO4YU, operate under the joint MTEL brand. The successful operations of these two companies in the territories of the EU, Switzerland, the USA and Canada, efforts to expand into new markets as well as their common goals – to establish unbreakable ties with our folks abroad and preserve the tradition and culture of our region were the drivers of integrating the forces and creating the unique MTEL brand for the whole world.

With more than 250 TV channels from the territory of the Balkans, unlimited calls, SMS messages and the use of mobile internet at no extra cost in the EU, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro, MTEL creates a world without borders.

The TV service includes regional, national and local TV channels from the Balkans and an incredible database of movies and series. The uniqueness of the MTEL TV offer is reflected in the exclusive right to broadcast RTS, RTRS, BN, Federal TV, OBN, Hayat, ATV, K3 TV, as well as channels produced by Telekom Srbija : Arena Sport, Superstar TV, Balkan Trip, Agro TV, Kitchen TV, Toxic, etc. More than 30 TV channels are reserved for film lovers and fans of TV series, and we single out the "Superstar" video library with the most popular domestic series, including “Tajkun”, “Državni službenik”, “Švindleri”, “Slatke muke”, “Dug moru”, “Dobro jutro komšija”, etc.

Mobile and landline phone services are recognizable by the quality of the connection, as well as the possibility of making phone calls at the lowest prices. Thus, mobile phone users in Austria, in addition to unlimited calls and SMS to the EU, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, without roaming in the European Union, Serbia, BiH and Montenegro, enjoy many other benefits. Users in other countries across the world have access to phone services that allow them to talk at great prices with users of the mts network in Serbia.

In order to further advance and expand as well as strengthen the connection of the diaspora with the homeland, all telecommunication services, television, telephony and the Internet will soon be available in the markets of Germany and Switzerland, and all future projects that MTEL is continuously working on will be of great importance to all our people abroad.