More than 250 TV channels, an amazing database of movies and domestic TV series are part of the MTEL TV service, the quality and rich offer of which will satisfy the tastes of all generations.

Our offer includes the most popular TV channels, and a special part of the offer includes the channels that users can watch only via MTEL TV.

Having recognized the potential of cooperation and the quality of MTEL TV service, the following TV companies gave us the exclusive right to broadcast abroad: RTS, RTRS, BN, Federalna TV, OBN, Hayat, ATV, K3 and Superstar TV.

MTEL operates in accordance with the laws and it guarantees its customers legality, security and high quality of service and this is precisely the reason why TV companies have decided to entrust us with the exclusive right to broadcast their program outside the ex-YU borders. 

Only the MTEL TV offer includes the series that have pushed the boundaries of domestic production: “Tajkun”, “Državni službenik”, “Švindleri”, “Dug moru”, as well as comedies that win the hearts of worldwide audience: “Slatke muke”, “Dobro jutro komšija”, “Daleko je Holivud”.

The service is available on up to six devices (TV, telephone, tablet, TV receiver), with the possibility of simultaneous watching on as many as four devices. The content of the TV channel can be rewound up to seven days, and all our packages offer over 300 radio stations.

The number of TV channels, movies and series within our offer is constantly increasing, and we enrich the content in accordance with the market needs our customer wishes.